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    Top 5 Best Practices Every Software Developer Should Follow
    Nov 22, 2022

    1. Think, Write and Review Before You Start Coding

    Everyone is aware about the pseudo code but I have seen very less people following this practice. Every software developer should follow this three steps Think, Write and Review before starting to write with actual code.

    How it helps ?

    When you start thinking about the problem you came across many use cases or test scenario related to problem. Then you should write down the pseudo code for the probable solution and then review the solution by matching the all test cases of which you can think of. This practice will help you to reduce the bugs/error count before the actual code compiled.

    So start thinking writing and reviewing your own code.

    2. Increase Productivity With The Right Set Of Tools

    While writing a code productivity is a crucial thing. There are ton’s of tools available in market to help you with coding. But choosing right set of tools as per your comfort is important thing. Tools affect the productivity. For e.g. if your doing frontend web development you should be using a good IDE and a good browser. In that case chrome’s browser have cool development tools compared to other browsers. Also you can use dual monitor if required which is also avoid the pain of switching between IDE and Browser. Hence choose your software development tool kit carefully and wisely.

    3. Follow Clean Architecture Practice

      Architecting your code in proper components, entities, packages and services is the most important thing. This allows you to easily scale your application in correct manner. Ease of maintenance and integrating new functionality are important aspects of the software development lifecycle. So it makes sense to organize your project in such a way that it allows easy integration of new piece of code. This link will help you to learn some good architecture practice.  

    4. Art Of Debugging

    Debugging issue is same thing as Sherlock Holmes solving a mysterious case. Really, finding the root cause of error is an art and only few can master this. You should master this skill to become a good software developer. Sometime this practice of debugging help you to write code with best practice. From my experience in JavaScript, once I was facing one issue due to shallow copy. It took 3–4 hours for me to find the root of error and fix it. So now whenever I need to do copy of object I think about the use case and then write code accordingly.

    Last but not the least

    5. Reading

    Every developer should have the habit of reading it may be blogs, books or someone else’s code. Yes you heard it right, to read someone else code probably on GitHub or in some blogs. This will help you to understand the mindset of the author of that code why he/she written that piece of code in that way. Can you optimize this or write in some other way?

    I personally think

    | Understanding the code not written by you help you to learn faster.

    Also there are many benefits of reading. So start reading.

    Thank you for reading blog. - 

    Shubham Matale.
    Founder & CEO at Neuromonk Infotech Pvt. Ltd.